Rupture of Love

The end of the adventure in love fusional cannot be, formally that of only one kind: the abdication of the person having believed to be able to fill the vacuum. In the facts, several types of behaviors can be observed:

– brutal stop of the relationship to a very great difficulty of keeping reports/ratios would be this only normal with the people formerly in fusional love;

– escapes structural of the person who believed capacity to fill the emotional vacuum;

– mental annihilation of the person who is not authorized any more to think by oneself;

– suicide of the one of the two people, either because of a lack of evidence of love, or because of an unbearable psychic presence of this psyche common (psychological vampirism).The person having the emotional lack to fill will be able to develop, in the continuation of her neurosis, an attachment particular to this common personality and to make it live only by making it speak and continuously to develop accesses of chronic schizophrenia, in particular through reproaches with the other not to make what was well for itself, that is to say “to continue to build” on the late couple.